Rubber dams
Pneumatic pipe plugs
Cutter wheels
General pipe clamps
Action Petroleum
- Global Peat Oil & Fuel Absorbent
- Permanent dams
- Reusable absorbing dams made from polyetil

- Saw It® Pneumatic Saw
- One Hand Wrenches
- Combination Bench & Pipe Vises (Swivel Base)

- Flat-form lifting bags
- Rubber dams
- Pneumatic pipe plugs

- Nut Splitter

- Cage Clamps

United Pipeline Products
- UNI-Fire
- UNI-Rep
- UNI-Flex



Cutter wheels   Cutter wheels
All Reed cutter wheels are made from high shock-resistant tool steel, while competitive cutter wheels are made from carbon steel or still lower quality tool steel. By using this higher quality raw...
Tubing cutters for stainless steel   Tubing cutters for stainless steel
Reed tubing cutters are equipped with special wheels for stainless steel. Reed wheels for stainless tubing use specialized steel for toughness and heat dissipation, resulting in long wheel life....
Saw It® Pneumatic Saw   Saw It® Pneumatic Saw
Saw It® provides pneumatic power and reciprocating motion to blades. Saw improvements allow the tool to turn and work more freely, along with starting easier and running smoother. Reed offers blades...
Hinged Cutters™ (1”-12” or 32-356 mm)   Hinged Cutters™ (1”-12” or 32-356 mm)
Hinged Cutters™ feature four wheels to cut steel, stainless steel, cast and ductile iron with only 90° to 110° handle swing. Only 4” (125 mm) clearance is required around pipe. Strong guide...
Rotary™ Cutters   Rotary™ Cutters
Rotary™ cutters cold cut large diameter steel, most stainless steel, ductile, and cast iron pipe in close quarters. The low profile design of the LCRC models needs only 4” clearance for up to...
Tripod R450+   Tripod R450+
Reed Tripod Vises remain the sturdiest on the market. Tripods are manufactured with the heaviest gauge steel, overlapping hinges, and the best adjustable tray clamp, not a set screw, to keep the...
Pipe Jacks   Pipe Jacks
Convenient adjusting screw and a hardened steel locking ring are two features that make these pipe jacks last for many years of use. Patented internal safety stop on the pipe jacks creates a 1”...
Yoke Pipe Vises   Yoke Pipe Vises
Yoke vises permit the strongest jaw-to-jaw gripping of pipe for high-torque applications like threading. Reed yoke vises are made of ductile or malleable iron and have hardened, high carbon steel...

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