Rubber dams
Pneumatic pipe plugs
Cutter wheels
General pipe clamps
Action Petroleum
- Reusable absorbing dams made from polyetil
- Dam anchoring systems
- Global Peat Oil & Fuel Absorbent

- Tripod R450+
- Comfort Grip - Adjustable Wrenches
- Saw It® Pneumatic Saw

- Flat-form lifting bags
- Maxi lifting bags
- Rubber dams

- Nut Splitter

- Cage Clamps

United Pipeline Products
- UNI-Flex
- UNI-Rep
- UNI-Plastgrip


Pneumatic pipe plugs
Pneumatic pipe plugs

Plugy (for blocking flow) and Plugsy (flow-through).

Surface ribs promote superior grip inside the pipe.Advanced rubber compound and Rayon-Kevlar reinforcement make it possible for one plug (multi-size) to perform equally well in several different size pipes reducing the number of plugs needed.

Multi-size pipe plugs are equipped with interchangeable inflation couplers and eyelet bolts for lifting.

Plugs are flexible and can easily bend around corners and angles.

Use Plugy pipe plugs to block flow.

Use Plugsy pipe plugs to block flow and pump down or drain liquids behind the plug.

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