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Nut Splitter
Nut Splitter

The AutoSPLITTER series out performs the competition every time! A job that used to take 20-30 minutes with a hammer and chisel can now be performed in 20-30 SECONDS! AutoSPLITTER hydraulic nut splitters sets up fast – 5 minutes from toolbox to actual use. Saving time means saving money! Plus, operator safety improves as well! No hammers. No impact. No flames. No risk to volatile environments. And, the operator's are hands off during use.

Versatile! Auto-Splitter cuts through even the hardest nuts, including ASTM A194 2H Brinell hardness 248-352. Each model of the Auto-Splitter hydraulic nut splitter can be used for a wide range of inch or metric nut sizes. Adapters are available for cutting round, square, 12-point, huck-bolts and other uniquely shaped nuts.

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