Rubber dams
Pneumatic pipe plugs
Cutter wheels
General pipe clamps
Action Petroleum
- Permanent dams
- Global Peat Oil & Fuel Absorbent
- Dam anchoring systems

- Saw It® Pneumatic Saw
- Pipe Welding Vises
- Hinged Cutters™ (1”-12” or 32-356 mm)

- Pneumatic egg shape plugs
- Pneumatic pipe plugs
- Rubber dams

- Nut Splitter

- Cage Clamps

United Pipeline Products
- UNI-Grip
- UNI-Flex
- UNI-Combigrip


Maxi lifting bags
Maxi lifting bags

Sava low pressure Maxi lifting bags are an excellent choice for large vehicles, trucks, trailers and aircraft recovery operations. Maxi lifting bags are up to
2,1 m tall with lifting capacities of up to 9 T (each). Used for uprighting large soft sided trailers, rail cars or anything that requires heavy lifting with minimum concentrated lifting force. Place multiple bags side-by-side for extremely heavy and delicate up-righting of structurally unsound containers such as fuel tankers and thin composite-walled cargo trailers.

Fully wrapped and stitched, reinforced nylon support straps can be used as lifting and placing handles or anchorage to prevent lateral shift while lifting. Positive-grip rubber microtread top & bottom pads assure bags will stay where you put them, in all conditions. Compressors, inflation accessories and hoses come with every kit. Bags can be operated with high pressure cylinders, truck air, or brake air.

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