Rubber dams
Pneumatic pipe plugs
Cutter wheels
General pipe clamps
Action Petroleum
- Skimmers
- Permanent dams
- Hand press

- Saw It® Pneumatic Saw
- Tubing cutters for stainless steel
- Field Pipe Vise

- Pneumatic egg shape plugs
- Pneumatic pipe plugs
- Maxi lifting bags

- Nut Splitter

- Cage Clamps

United Pipeline Products
- UNI-Grip
- UNI-Fire
- UNI-Flex


Flat-form lifting bags
Flat-form lifting bags

Flat Bags are perfected standard lifting bags. Due to the construction the entire bag surface lifts evenly providing a constant lifting force independent of the lifting height.

The levelled bag surface provides a larger contact surface and an improved safety during use, especially when two or even three bags are placed one top of each other.

These bags are made from an excellent wear resistant rubber compound and are Kevlar kord reinforced.
The lifting performance graphs, which with the classic lifting bags sometimes were rather complicated, are therefore no longer required.

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