Rubber dams
Pneumatic pipe plugs
Cutter wheels
General pipe clamps
Action Petroleum
- Dam anchoring systems
- Skimmers
- Reusable absorbing dams made from polyetil

- Comfort Grip - Adjustable Wrenches
- Pipe Jacks
- Yoke Pipe Vises

- Rubber dams
- Maxi lifting bags
- Pneumatic egg shape plugs

- Nut Splitter

- Cage Clamps

United Pipeline Products
- HUWA support
- UNI-Combigrip
- UNI-Grip


Smooth Jaw Wrenches
Smooth Jaw Wrenches

Reed offers large capacity Smooth Jaw Wrenches for geometric and delicate work. The R110HEX hex wrench works for hex-shaped fittings on meters, drains, spuds, and chrome valves without damage from teeth. The RSPUD smooth jaw wrench is for square, hex, or octagonal shapes where toothed pipe wrenches are not a good option. Both are heavy-duty, made from ductile iron with forged steel hook jaws, and offer larger capacity than adjustable wrenches. Reed’s RCORP smooth jaw wrench fits up to 2” corp stops and opens to a generous maximum of 4 1/2”. A coarse adjustment thread and a large thumbscrew provide quick, easy adjustments for the numerous size changes encountered during jobs. Ford Meter Box® and A.Y. McDonald®, along with other brass fittings manufacturers, recommend a smooth jaw wrench when tightening corp stops, either into the pipe or tapping saddle, or for tightening the service line connection on any waterworks brass valve or fitting.

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